Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Installers
Creative Security Dynamics (CSD) are a Newcastle – North East based specialist Intruder Alarm installer covering the North of England and Southern Scottish regions.

Conventional Systems
As detailed in BS EN50131-1 Intruder Alarm systems and components can now be categorised into 4 grades ensuring installers, insurers and users alike are aware of the existing security risks and associated security levels provided.

Grade 1 – Low risk
Intruders are expected to have little knowledge of the alarm system and may be restricted to a limited range of easily available tools.
Grade 2 – Low to medium risk
Intruders are expected to have a little more knowledge of the alarm system and use a general range of tools and some specialist equipment.
Grade 3 – Medium to high risk
Intruders are expected to be conversant with the alarm system and have a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment.
Grade 4 – High risk
To be used when security takes precedence over all other factors. Intruders are expected to have the resources to plan an intrusion in detail and have a full range of equipment, including the means to substitute vial components in the alarm system.
The risk assessment is usually carried out by the system designer/installer however insurance companies can sometimes have an input as to what they require as a minimum. This risk assessment takes into account everything from building location, building fabric and building content.

State of the Art Wire-Free Systems
Wire-Free Intruder Alarm systems have been available for a few years now however early systems were cost prohibitive and often proved unreliable. Wire-Free technology has improved dramatically since it’s early days and now offers an effective, reliable and cost effective alternative to conventional (hard wired) Domestic Intruder Alarms. Systems available are extremely easy to install meaning minimal disruption to homeowners, easy to expand and some also include in built communicators to notify you immediately by phone if your alarm has activated.

Perimeter Detection Systems
Conventional Intruder Alarm systems require an attempted intrusion or an intrusion itself to take place before they activate. This means that the damage caused by the attempted intrusion (for example a forced door or broken window) is not avoided regardless whether the intruders gained access or not.

Perimeter Detection systems however, provide an excellent early warning/deterrent solution. Utilising external Passive Infra Red (PIR)/Microwave motion detectors and Active Infra Red Beams we can protect the perimeter of your business increasing the possibility of an activation before an intrusion attempt is made. These systems can also be linked to CCTV systems to trigger functions such as camera repositioning, increased recording quality and remote monitoring to provide an excellent deterrent and a comprehensive external security solution.

Remotely Monitored Systems
Created Security Dynamics can provide remote monitoring solutions for new and existing systems using the following technologies: –

Phone Line
Dual Path
Remote Monitoring devices such as Redcare, Dualcom & Emizon can be installed on site and connected via the above technologies to our state of the art Remote Monitoring Centre. This ensures that you always have peace of mind knowing your business and assets are protected at all times.

Battery Powered Systems for sites with no electricity supply
We offer a comprehensive range of specialist long life battery only Alarm and Communication Systems. These systems are ideal for remote sites and temporary systems where no mains electricity is available. Using power saving technology the battery life on these systems can exceed 5 years.

Remote Communication Systems (GSM, Voice)
Remote Communication systems using GSM and Voice technology provide cost effective additional protection. These systems are ideal for applications where a full remote monitoring solution is not necessary (or insurance specified) but when notification of an alarm activation is still required.

The unit will automatically phone or text up to 6 phone numbers (Mobile or Land-line) and notify the person/s that there has been an alarm activation. The units can be programmed to notify of any important instance or activation such as: –

Intruder Alarm
Fire Alarm
Flood Alarm
Personal Attack Alarm
Freezer/Temperature Alarm
Mains Failure


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